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The Heritage of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East

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About this website

General description

This is the website of the Melammu Project. The design is aimed at providing a clear, easy-to-use interface for the user; hence the sober layout. Testing took place with various resolutions and browsers. If you nonetheless experience anything irregular or if something is unclear or problematic, please let us know through the feedback form or by sending an e-mail to .


Melammu Project chair:

April 2017 - current:   Simonetta Ponchia
Sept. 2011 - April 2017:   Robert Rollinger
Sept. 2008 - Sept. 2011:   Tzvi Abusch
Oct. 1999 - Sept 2008:   Antonio Panaino
Oct. 1998 - Sept. 1999:   Simo Parpola

Melammu Database director:

Oct. 1998 - current:   Simo Parpola

Melammu Database and Bibliographies editors:

Jan. 2006 - current:   Erik van Dongen
Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2008   Christina Tsouparopoulou
Jan. 2003 - Dec. 2005:   Amar Annus
May 1999 - Dec. 2002:   Pirjo Lapinkivi
May 1999 - Aug. 1999:   Sanna Aro-Valjus
Oct. 1998 - Apr. 1999:   Robert M. Whiting

Website administrators:

Jan. 2006 - current:   Erik van Dongen
July 2000 - Dec. 2005:   Robert M. Whiting



October 2017: Website moved to the new domain.
October 2008: All website contents converted to php format.
April 2008: Major website update: Thematic Bibliographies and Digital Library added, plus a general revision.
January 2008: Christina Tsouparopoulou joins the Melammu Project.
May 2006: Offical announcement of the launch of the current website of
the Melammu Project.
March 2006: Current website first online.
March 2004: Official launch of the website of the Melammu Database.
July 2000: Test version of the Melammu Database online.


Database programming: Robert M. Whiting
Website design and additional programming:
Erik van Dongen
     With thanks to: Amar Annus, Joost van Dongen, Werner Gelderblom, Dimitar Mitov, Simo Parpola, Christina Tsouparopoulou, Casper van der Tuin and Robert M. Whiting
Website contents: Christina Tsouparopoulou, Robert M. Whiting, Erik van Dongen, Luigi Turri
Hosting: Department of Linguistics of the University of Helsinki



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