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Chaldean schools of astronomy (1)

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12 Assyrian Identity

05 Scientific knowledge and scholarly lore

11 Language, communication, libraries and education

1st century CE
Roman Empire
Helleno-Roman philosophers and scholars

Strabo 16.1.6:
There are also several tribes of the Chaldean astronomers. For example, some are called Orcheni, others Borsippeni, and several others by different names, as though divided into different sects which hold to various different dogmas about the same subjects. And the mathematicians make mention of some of these men; as, for example, Kidenas and Nabûrianos and Sudines. Seleucus of Seleuceia is also a Chaldaean, as are also several other noteworthy men.

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Strabo 16.1.6

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Cf. Chaldean schools of astronomy (2)

Simo Parpola

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