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The Son of the Phrygian Great Mother (1)

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01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

Great Mother
4th century CE
Roman Empire
Christian-Roman philosophers and scholars

Arnobius of Sicca, Adversus nationes 5.5:
Her (= the Great Mother), resting and sleeping on the very crest of the rock, Jupiter craved for himself with incestuous desires. But in spite of his continued efforts, he failed to accomplish what he had proposed to himself and was defeated. Then the rock conceived and, with many groans going before, in the tenth month, Acdestis is born, so called from his mother’s name. In him there was insuperable strength and uncontrollable ferocity of disposition, a lust mad and furious and stimulated by both sexes. Violently he plundered, laid waste, wherever his monstruous spirit led him. He cared not for the gods nor men, nor did he think anything more powerful than himself; he despised earth, heaven and the stars.

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Arnobius of Sicca, Adversus nationes 5.5


MacCracken 1949McCracken, George E. Arnobius of Sicca, The Case against the Pagans. 2 Vols. Westminster: Newman 1949.

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