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Mural crown of the Gods’ Mother (1)

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01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

02 Religious and ideological symbols and iconographic motifs

Great Mother
4th century CE
Roman Empire
Christian-Roman philosophers and scholars

Arnobius of Sicca, Adversus nationes 5.7:
Then the king of Pessinus, Midas, desiring to win the boy away from so disgraceful an association (with Acdestis), plans to give him his daughter in marriage, and so that no one of sinister omen might break in upon their marriage joys, he caused the town to be closed. But the Mother of the Gods, knowing the youth’s fate, and that he would be safe among human beings so long as he was free of a matrimonial alliance, to prevent anything untoward from happening, enters the closed city, having lifted its walls with her head, which began to have towers because of this.

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Arnobius of Sicca, Adversus nationes 5.7


MacCracken 1949McCracken, George E. Arnobius of Sicca, The Case against the Pagans. 2 Vols. Westminster: Newman 1949.

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