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Fictional letter of the king Abgar to Jesus (1)

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05 Scientific knowledge and scholarly lore

12 Assyrian Identity

4th century CE
Byzantine Empire
Christian-Syriac philosophers and scholars

Doctrina Addai 2:
Abgar Ukkama to Jesus the good Doctor who has appeared into district of Jerusalem, my lord, greeting! I have heard concerning you and your healing, that you are not healing with drugs and herbs. For by your word you open (the eyes of) the blind, you cause the lame to walk, and you cleanse lepers, and the dumb you cause to hear, and spirits and demons and the tormented by your very word you heal; even the dead you raise. And when I heard the wonderful great things which you are doing I decided either that you are God who came down from heaven and have done these things, or you are the Son of God who does all these things.

Source (list of abbreviations)
Doctrina Addai 2


Brock 1999, II 215-216Brock, Sebastian. From Ephrem to Romanos. Interactions between Syriac and Greek in Late Antiquity. London: Variorum Reprints 1999.

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