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Five cities, nine kings (1)

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01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

antediluvian age
Neo-Assyrian Empire
Neo-Assyrian texts

K 11261+, K 11624+, K 12054:
1. Enmegalamma [reigned] 36 000/3600 [ … ] years.
2. Dumuzi the shepherd, [reigned … years].
3. [Three] kings, the dynasty of Bad-tibira, [reigned … years].
4. The dynasty of Bad-tibira changed: its kingship [passed to Sippar].
5. [In Sippar] Enmeduranki, the king, [reigned] 50400+ [ … ] years.
6. [One king, the dynasty] of Sippar, reigned 54600+ [ … ] years.
7. [The dynasty] of Sippar changed: its kingship passed [to] Larak.
8. In Larak Ensipazianna, the king, reigned 37200+ [ … ] years.
9. One king, the dynasty of Larak, [reigned] 37200+ [ … ] years.
10. The dynasty of Larak [changed], its kingship [passed to] Šuruppak.
11. In Šuruppak Ubar-[Tutu], the king, [reigned … ] years.
12. Ziusudra, son of [Ubar-Tutu, reigned … years].
13. Two kings, the dynasty [of Šuruppak, reigned … years].
14. Five cities, nine kings [ … ].

Sources (list of abbreviations)
K 11261+
K 11624+
K 12054


Lambert 1973, 275Lambert, Wilfred G. “A New Fragment from a List of Antediluvian Kings and Marduk's Chariot.” In: M. A. Beek, A. A. Kampman, C. Nijland and J. Ryckmans (eds.). Symbolae biblicae et mesopotamicae Francisco Mario Theodoro de Liagre Boehl dedicatae. Leiden: Brill 1973, 270-280.

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