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Three prohibitions (1)

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04 Religious and philosophical literature and poetry

4th century CE
Armenian culture
Iranian culture
Slavonic culture

Admonitions of Ādurbād 108 (Middle Persian):
Restrain (your) hand from theft, and (your) foot from going (the path of) un-dutifulness, and (your) thoughts from sinful lust. For he who does a good deed finds (his) reward, and he who commits a sin bears the punishment.

Ahiqar (Armenian Version) B.31:
Son, keep thy hand from stealing, and thy foot from evil paths; and it will be well for thee with God and man. For whether one steals gold, or some little thing, the punishment is one and the same.

Ahiqar (Slavonic Version) 119:
My son, keep your hand from stealing, your mouth from lying, and your body from lewdness; above all, beware a married woman.

Sources (list of abbreviations)
Admonitions of Ādurbād 108 (Middle Persian)
Ahiqar (Armenian Version) B.31
Ahiqar (Slavonic Version) 119


de Blois 1984, 49de Blois, F. “The Admonitions of Adurbad and their Relationship to the Ahiqar Legend.” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (1984) 41-53.

Amar Annus

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