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Observation of ears and eyes (1)

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02 Religious and ideological symbols and iconographic motifs

02 Religious and ideological symbols and iconographic motifs

05 Scientific knowledge and scholarly lore

13th century CE
Byzantine Empire
Christian-Syriac philosophers and scholars

Bar Hebraeus, Laughable Stories 20:
696. He who has large ears is like unto the ass in his movements, for behold, those dogs which have small ears are very swift and active in their movements.
697. He who has deep-set eyes is cunning like the ape, and he who has very prominent eyes is simple like the ass. …
701. He who has blue or gray eyes is a timid man.
702. The man whose eyes are absolutely colourless is a fool, even like the goat. …
707. He whose eyes have swift motions is a plunderer, even as the hawk.

Source (list of abbreviations)
Bar Hebraeus, Laughable Stories 20


Budge 1897, 179-180Budge, E. A. Wallis. The Laughable Stories collected by Mar Gregory John Bar-Hebraeus, Maphrian of the East from A.D. 1264 to 1286. The Syriac text edited with an English Translation. London: Luzac and Co 1897.

Amar Annus

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