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Senecherib and his successors (2)

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12 Assyrian Identity

05 Scientific knowledge and scholarly lore

1st century BCE
3rd century CE
Roman Empire
Christian-Greek philosophers and scholars
Helleno-Roman philosophers and scholars

Phul = Tiglath-Pileser III, Senecherib = Sennacherib, Nabûpalsar = Nabopolassar, Nabûkodrossoros = Nebuchadnezzar, Amilmarudochos = Evil-Merodach, Neglisaros = Nergal-šarra-usur, Nabodenus = Nabonidus.

Eusebius, Chronicles 1.29:
And after him (= Phul) according to Polyhistor, Senecherib was king. … And Senecherib reigned 18 years; and after him his son eight years. Then reigned Sammuges 21 years, and likewise his brother 21 years. Then reigned Nabûpalsar 20 years, and after him Nabûkodrossoros 43 years. Therefore, from Sinecherim to Nabûkodrossors is comprehended a period altogether of 88 years. After Sammuges, Sardanapalus reigned over the Chaldeans for 21 years. But he (= Nabopolassar) sent an army to the aid of Astyages, the chief and satrap of the Medes, in order to take Amuhea, one of the daughters of Astyages, as wife for his son Nabûkodrossoros. Then Nabûkodrossoros reigned 43 years; and he came with a mighty army, and led the Jews, and Phoenicians, and Syrians into captivity. And after Nabûkodrossoros reigned his son Amilmarudochos, 12 years. . . . And after him Neglisaros reigned over the Chaldeans four years; and then Nabodenus seventeen years. In his reign Cyrus, the son of Cambyses, invaded the country of the Babylonians. Nabodenus went out to give him battle, but was defeated, and betook himself to flight: and Cyrus reigned at Babylon nine years. He was killed, however, in another battle, which took place in the plain of Daas. After him reigned Cambyses eight years; then Darius thirty-six years; after him Xerxes and the other kings of the Persian line.

Sources (list of abbreviations) (source links will open in a new browser window)
Alexander Polyhistor 79
Eusebius, Chronicles 1.29


Gadd 1923, 30Gadd, Cyril J. The Fall of Nineveh. London: Harrison and Sons Ltd 1923.

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