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Antiochus Soter’s Babylonian gods (1)

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01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

01 Religious and ideological doctrines and imagery

Hellenistic Empires
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Antiochus I Soter reconstructed the main temple of Nabû and Nanaya in Borsippa and his foundation cylinder expresses the royal ideology which is completely Babylonian. Nabû and Nanaya were syncretized with Apollo and Artemis.

Borsippa Cylinder of Antiochus I Soter:
Antiochus, the great king, the mighty king, king of the world, king of Babylon, king of lands, caretaker of Esagila and Ezida, first son of Seleucus, the king, the Macedonian, king of Babylon, am I. When I decided to build Esagila and Ezida, the bricks for Esagila and Ezida I moulded with my pure hands (using) fine quality oil in the land of Hatti and for the laying of the foundation of Esagila and Ezida I brought (them). In the month of Addaru, on the twentieth day, year 43, the foundation of Ezida, the true temple, the house of Nabû which is in Borsippa I did lay. Prince Nabû, son of Esagila, first-born of Marduk, noble child of Erua, the queen, on your entry to Ezida, the true house, the house of your Anu-ship, the dwelling which pleases your heart, with rejoicing and jubilation, may - at your true command which cannot be denied - my days be long, my years many, my throne firm, my reign long-lasting under your lofty sceptre which sets the boundary between heaven and earth. May my good fortune be in your pure mouth, may I conquer the countries from sunrise to sunset, may I gather their tribute with my hands and bring (it) for the perfection of Esagila and Ezida. Nabû, first son, when you enter Ezida, the true house, may favour for Antiochus, king of lands, (and) favour for Seleucus, the king, his son, Stratonice, his consort, the queen, be in your mouth.

Source (list of abbreviations)
Borsippa Cylinder of Antiochus I Soter


Kuhrt and Sherwin-White 1991, 76-77Kuhrt, Amelie. and Susan. Sherwin-White. “Aspects of Seleucid Royal Ideology. The Cylinder of Antiochus I from Borsippa.” Journal of Hellenic Studies 101 (1991) 71-86. [JSTOR (requires subscription)]

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