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Ascent of the soul (1)

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03 Religious festivals, cults, rituals and practices

12 Assyrian Identity

04 Religious and philosophical literature and poetry

03 Religious festivals, cults, rituals and practices

03 Religious festivals, cults, rituals and practices

3rd century CE
Roman Empire
Helleno-Roman philosophers and scholars

Plotinus, Ennead 1.5.7:
Therefore we must ascend again towards the Good, the desired of every Soul. Anyone that has seen This, knows what I intend when I say that it is beautiful. Even the desire of it is to be desired as a Good. To attain it is for those that will take the upward path, who will set all their forces towards it, who will divest themselves of all that we have put on in our descent: so, to those that approach the Holy Celebrations of the Mysteries, there are appointed purifications and the laying aside of the garments worn before, and the entry in nakedness - until, passing, on the upward way, all that is other than the God, each in the solitude of himself shall behold that solitary-dwelling Existence, the Apart, the Unmingled, the Pure, that from Which all things depend, for Which all look and live and act and know, the Source of Life and of Intellection and of being. … And for This, the sternest and the uttermost combat is set before the Souls; all our labour is for This, lest we be left without part in this noblest vision, which to attain is to be blessed in the blessful sight, which to fail of is to fail utterly.

Source (list of abbreviations)
Plotinus, Ennead 1.5.7


MacKenna 1991, 52-53MacKenna, Stephen, John Dillon. Plotinus the Enneads. Penguin Classics. London: Penguin Books 1991.

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