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Assyrian and Greek magical rings (1)

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05 Scientific knowledge and scholarly lore

Neo-Assyrian Empire
Roman Empire
Neo-Assyrian texts
Papyri from Egypt

Both Assyrians and Greeks employed magical rings to increase their personal charisma, especially in the eyes of the kings and masters.

KAR 71.9’-11’:
Over a copper ring chant the spell three times. You place it on your finger. And when you enter into the presence of the prince, he will welcome you.

Papyri Graeci Magici 12.270-280:
A little ring for success and for charm (charis) and for victory … The world has nothing better than this. For when you have it with you, you will always get whatever you ask from anybody. Besides, it calms the angers (orgai) of kings and masters. Wearing it, whatever you may say to anyone, you will be believed, and you will be pleasing to everybody.

Sources (list of abbreviations)
KAR 71.9’-11’
Papyri Graeci Magici 12.270-280


Faraone 1999, 103Faraone, Christopher A. Ancient Greek Love Magic. Cambridge MA, London: Harvard University Press 1999.

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