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Ištar puts on illnesses (1)

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04 Religious and philosophical literature and poetry

03 Religious festivals, cults, rituals and practices

9th century CE
Abbasid Empire
Neo-Assyrian Empire
Islamic philosophers and scholars

Akkadian ritual text:
In the month of Du’uzu when Ištar makes the people of the land wail for Dumuzi, her spouse – a man’s relatives are gathered together there. Ištar takes a start and chooses out men’s concerns; she takes away illness (or) she puts illness on.

al-Jaḥiẓ, Kitāb al-hayawān 6.52:
An epileptic who was ill for six months in the year and well for six was possessed by the daughter of the lord of the jinn; she explained that if his tribe tried to cure him she would kill him.

Sources (list of abbreviations)
Akkadian ritual text
a-Jaḥiẓ, Kitāb al-hayawān 6.52


Farber 1977, 127ff.Farber, Walter. Beschwörungsrituale an Ištar und Dumuzi - Attī Ištar ša harmaša Dumuzi. Veröffentlichungen der Orientalischen Kommission 30. Wiesbaden: Steiner 1977.
Stol 1993, 47Stol, M. Epilepsy in Babylonia. Cuneiform Monographs 2. Groningen: Styx Publications 1993.

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