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The Ancient Near Eastern Legacy and Alexander vs. Alexander’s Legacy to the World

Thirteenth Symposium of the Melammu Project
May 13-16, 2019

Organiser: Krzysztof Nawotka

First circular

Symposium Program

The conference aims at investigating multifaceted influence and shared experience around the pivotal reign of Alexander the Great. It will try to ask what of cultures of the Middle East and Levant was known and became known to Alexander, his court, army, Greek intellectuals and the public opinion; what became acceptable to the Western mind and what was misunderstood, scorned, rejected and why. The discussion will be concentrated within seven panels, five of which based on geographical designation of the main cultural regions of the Middle East (Mesopotamia, Iran, Egypt, Levant) plus the Far East. Two non geographically oriented panels cover war and veterans and the Alexander Romance.

The symposium program can be found here.