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List of Melammu Symposia that have already been held

Helsinki, 1998
Melammu Symposium 1: The Heirs of Assyria (published)

Paris, 1999
Melammu Symposium 2: Mythology and Mythologies: Methodological Approaches to Intercultural Influences (published)

Chicago, 2000
Melammu Symposium 3: Ideologies as Intercultural Phenomena (published)

Ravenna, 2001
Melammu Symposium 4: Schools of Oriental Studies and the Development of Modern Historiography (published)

Innsbruck, 2002
Melammu Symposium 5: Commerce and Monetary Systems in the Ancient World: Means of Transmission and Cultural Interaction (published)

Sofia, 2008
Melammu Symposium 6: Melammu: The Ancient World in an Age of Globalization (published)

Obergurgl, 2013
Melammu Symposium 7: Mesopotamia in the Ancient World. Impact, Continuities, Parallels (published)

Kiel, 2014
Melammu Symposium 8: Iranian Worlds

Helsinki/Tartu, 2015
Melammu Symposium 9: Conceptualizing Past, Present and Future (published)

Kassel, 2016
Melammu Symposium 10: Societies at War

Beirut, 2017
Melammu Symposium 11: Evidence Combined: Western and Eastern Sources in Dialogue

Innsbruk, 2018
Melammu Symposium 12: The Intellectual Heritage of the Ancient Near East (64th RAI) (published)

Wrocław, 2019
Melammu Symposium 13: The Ancient Near Eastern Legacy and Alexander vs. Alexander’s Legacy to the World