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Clash of Civilizations? Sedentary and non-sedentary populations

Fifteenth Symposium of the Melammu Project
Institute of Classics
University of Graz
September 21-24, 2022

Organisers: Wolfgang Spickermann
Laerke Recht, Michaela Zinko, Hannes Galter

15th Melammu Symposium

Symposium Program

With his book ‟The Clash of Civilizations”, published in 1996, Samuel P. Huntington started a very controversial debate about the possibility of conflicts between different cultural areas in the 21st century, especially between Western civilization and Chinese and Islamic cultures. The 15th Melammu Symposium in Graz puts this modern discussion into a completely different context by asking whether the label ‟Clash of civilizations” is suitable for the manifold relations between sedentary and non-sedentary groups in ancient cultures. There are four research-panels: (1) Entanglement and interactions, (2) Conflicts, (3) Mobile groups and state formation and (4) Religious interactions.

The call for paper can be found here.

The symposium program can be found here.

If you’d like to attend to the conference as a guest we would kindly ask you – with a view to better planning – to fill out the registration form available here and send it to