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At the Edges of Empires: Territories and Processes nearby and between Emerging Great Powers in Antiquity

Sixth Workshop of the Melammu Project
University of Changchun
30 August - 3 September 2018
(2 days workshop, 2 days excursion)

Organiser: Sven Günther

Symposium Program

The rise and fall as well as all developments of empires and great powers have not only effects within the realm but also radiate to territories at the edge-zones and cause various processes, e.g. with regard to diplomatic policies, economy, social structures, legal and religious (ex-)changes etc. Particularly interesting are territories between two empires where one can observe multiple facets of actions and re-actions. The workshop will explore those processes in territories nearby and between empires and great powers via case-studies in Western and Eastern ancient civilizations and, in the tradition of IHAC, will include the fields of Assyriology/Hittitology, Ancient Egypt, Classics as well as Chinese ancient civilizations, as well as a round table on the changes and challenges of comparative studies. Our excursion will lead the participants to one of such fringes nearby the conference location.

The following documents are available:

- provisional information and program